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Home-Work Help Terms and Conditions

H.W help terms an Condtions
  1. Assignments questions must be submitted at least 24 hrs. before due date. This allows staff the time to review it  and provide you with the relevant guidance. Remember we have a number of different submissions coming in every day which are reviewed in the order they are received.  We will let you know (within an hour of submission) if we are able to provide you with feed back within the specified timeframe.                                                                                                                                                                         Reasons why your submission may not be approved

  2. Assignment must be in the form of a structured question or multiple choice paper or both. We DO NOT accept essay questions.

  3. As educators, we do believe in academic integrity, we are here to support your learning process, by providing guidance. We will NOT be doing your assignments for you, rather we will be helping you  understand the steps taken to arrive at your answer, so you can solve similar problems on your own in the future. You must opt for either our  guided solutions with notes, or a video meeting where we explain the thinking process, and facilitate your solving of the problems. If you are only interested in receiving the answers  this is not the service for you.

  4. You must login with your google account .

  5. We only accept the following formats for submissions: pdf. png, JPEG . Ensure that you convert your document to the appropriate format. All files submitted must be less than 10 MB.

  6. Only submit an assignment if you agree to our terms and conditions and you are willing to pay our relevant fees. If you opt out of the service after payments have been made you will only be refunded 80% of the fees paid.  If for any reason one of our tutors is unable to assist you after payments have been made, you will be refunded 100% of all fees paid.

Reasons why your submission may not be approved

Not approved

1. Your document or instructions were not clear. You may be asked to resubmit.

2. Your submission does not abide by our terms and Conditions . 

3. We are not able to provide you with a response within the requested time  frame. You may be asked to provide a different date and time if possible. The  earlier you submit your assignment and the more time tutors are given to  provide a response, the more likely you are to receive assistance. 

4. All of our tutors are booked. Each tutor has a maximum number of assignments  they will accept within a day or week. Providing relevant feedback takes time. If your submission is rejected due to this reason, we will ask if you would like to  be waitlisted.  

5. We were not able to schedule you for a Google/Zoom meeting within the  requested time frame due to scheduling conflicts.

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