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Do you have an assignment that's giving you trouble?

Do you need a little assistance from an expert ?


Hundreds of chemistry students have benefitted from out home-work help service!  It's easy! 

Here's what you need to do!


Submit Question

Submit your assignment question (s) using our submission form. Once received, your question is passed onto a member  of our staff for approval.


Why would my submission be denied?


Choose Mode of delivery

You may choose to receive your assistance via guided notes, or via video call where your expert tutor will succinctly break down the steps required to answer your question while also covering some background content.

This way you will know how to answer similar questions in the future.

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Receive Confirmation

You will receive an update via email letting you know whether your submission was approved.

If you choose to have a video call , you will need to schedule a time to meet with the tutor.



You will be required to pay securely via PayPal before your answers are delivered to you!

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